Thursday, February 01, 2018

Congratulations to my winners!

Congratulations to Nancy Akerly and Morag Schonken who are the winners of my 2018 Weekly Planner Giveaway! From my facebook page, my blog, and related twitter follows, I had 110 entries. I made a list and numbered all the entries and then used to pick two numbers which corresponded with Nancy's and Morag's entries! Thanks everyone, for your interest!


Cambria Craft Bindery said...

Hi Rhonda
I am wondering where you source your weekly planner pages or do you design and print them yourself? I have tried printing them myself - also lined pages. They came out nicely but it was very slow and laborious on my little inkjet printer!
Cheers Rosie-Anne Pinney, Nelson, New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

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